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Styling Services


This call is a moment for you and I to touch base on what your needs are and to determine how best I can help. I will also walk you through my process and what makes me a successful stylist. This can also be done via zoom if your more of a visual person.

Wardrobe Audit

In order to start our journey together, I need to understand your individual “style.” During this process, I will personally visit your home where we’ll both go through the items in your closet. This “audit” can be as intensive as you would like, but I always find that diving deeper makes it easier for me to understand your current style, what fits and what does not. By the end of this exercise, I will be able to grasp your style and understand what fits your wants and needs and ultimately what makes you feel the most confident. While we go through your closet, we will identify clothes that no longer fit and items that may need to be replaced and updated, as well as looking at repurposing items. This also allows us to find clothing that can be donated to those in need. I’m not telling you to “get rid of anything;” but rather the goal is to enhance what you currently have, update or repurpose those pieces so that we can be thoughtful with future purchases. I want your closet/wardrobe to work for you and your confidence, not the other way around. At the end of this audit I will pick out two outfits from your remaining wardrobe. The wardrobe audit can also be done virtually if you feel more comfortable with that. The Wardrobe Audit ranges anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 

Shopping Trip

I find it beneficial to take all of my clients on a personal shopping trip. The goal of this trip is to try new stores and new styles, while building your confidence and style! I’ll be able to observe your shopping habits and provide any useful feedback. Many dudes either stay in their comfort zone when shopping, don't go shopping, dislike it, or feel like they don’t know what they are doing. My shopping trips are aimed at relieving any stress or pressure you may feel and show you that this process can be enjoyable and purpose driven! The goal behind this trip is to equip my clients with the tools and confidence while finding their styles when shopping. I take all of my clients to stores that will fit their needs, but will also take you out of your comfort zone by going into new stores, and even trying on pieces and/or outfits that you might not normally try on your own. This trip is designed to teach you how to shop, put clothing options together, learn what colors work best for you, what size you are, what fits you best, and all of the other tips and tricks that I have personally learned as I've built my own style. This is a great time to ask questions and absorb as much information as possible. Shopping can take multiple hours depending on the wants, needs, and often times stamina of the client, but our first go around we'll aim to only shop for an hour.

Personal Shopping

What is personal shopping? Well, I help you find and purchase the right clothes and outfits, styling them in a way that will bring out the most confident “you”. There are several reasons why you'd want to request a personal shopper. The first has to do with time - some of my clients do not have the time to go into the store, purchase the items they want, and then return the items that don’t fit. I have also found that after a wardrobe session or 1:1 shopping trips, my client understands that I have a good pulse on what items they would like and need. Whatever your reason, I am here for you! Personal shopping can be tailored to your specific needs. You can invite me along on your shopping trip to offer advice, or make outfit suggestions. This is a great time to put into practice the lessons you learned during our first shopping trip! Or, if you are a seasoned shopper, I can take your measurements and hunt down the newest outfits for you. This option keeps your wardrobe looking fresh and up-to-date. With my in-depth knowledge on your likes and wants I am better prepared to find the right clothing item(s) for you at the right time. Whether I am out shopping for myself, for another client, or specifically for you, personal shopping is a great addition to any of your fashionable needs. The best part… I find the items, bring them to you, and I will even return the items you decide are a no go.

Virtual Consulting

Dang are you loving the styling services, but aren't local? Your location prevents you from meeting with me in person? Have limitations beyond your control? This is not a problem at all! 100% of the services I offer can be tailored and adjusted to meet the needs of the client and can even be done virtually (Zoom, Facetime, etc…) The only thing required of you is an internet connection and a decent camera – your smartphone will work perfectly. We can do a wardrobe audit, shopping trip, and personal shopping, all from the comfort of your home, computer and/or smartphone! I'd be honored to assist any and everybody, no matter your situation, location or personal style! Please feel free to reach out with any needs or modifications that you may require so that we can make you feel the most confident you'll ever feel!


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